Muralist | Street Artist | Canvas

From the streets of Thailand to Jojo Siwa and Jake Paul’s L.A. mansions, his style ranges from street art to courtier; focussing mainly on portraiture, realism and cityscapes using a wide variety of artistic mediums like spray paint to chipped out plaster murals, amongst others.

Justin Nomad is a multiple international design award winner, based in South Africa whose work can be found both locally and internationally in the UK, USA and Asia.

Nomad has transformed urban spaces into works of art for some of the world’s most important companies and people including Starbucks, Tiger Brands and YouTube stars like Jake Paul and Jojp Siwa. With his mastery of color, form, and perspective, Justin has breathed new life into buildings, walls, and public spaces, turning them into canvases that capture the imagination and inspire wonder.

Plaster relief is a technique in which a mixture of plaster and water is applied to a surface and then carved or molded to create a three-dimensional design. Nomad employs this humble material to create awe-inspiring giant pieces that capture the essence of his unique style. 

From bold and abstract paintings to intricate and detailed portraits, Nomad’s canvas work is a testament to his versatility as an artist. His canvas creations are often used as a creative outlet and an opportunity to explore new ideas and materials.